Application Help


When applying for a role at Canada Life UK, we’ll ask a little about you and your current situation to support your application. This will likely form some of the conversation if you secure an interview.

You will also have the opportunity to attach some documents. We’d recommend attaching a CV and cover letter, allowing you to explain to us about your experience, qualifications and why you feel this role is an ideal fit for you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback on your application if not successful at this stage.

Selection process

If successful at the application stage, you will have an initial phone interview and if this goes well, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview to meet with us.  We hope to make you feel at ease in your interview – for us an interview is a two way process and it’s as much about us being right for you as it is about you being right for Canada Life UK. 

We will expect you to know the key facts about Canada Life UK.  Prepare by having a look around our corporate website, read the news and talk to anyone you know who is working for us or has worked for us in the past.  Be ready to explain your motivation for joining Canada Life, the financial services industry and the specific business area you have applied to.

During your interview, show that you are interested in the role and in working for Canada Life. Describe your previous experience and highlight relevant skills and qualities.  Interviews are competency based, so expect to be asked to provide examples of situations you’ve experienced, whether these be in the workplace or in your personal life.  It’s advantageous to have a think about some examples you’d like to discuss in advance.  We may also ask some technical questions relevant to the position.

Depending on the role you are applying for, there may be an additional exercise or test alongside the interview.  We will provide you with details of this in advance if applicable.


Upon the completion of the selection process, we’ll contact you to let you know the outcome as soon as we can.

If successful in securing a role, we’ll let you know by phone initially to discuss the full package we offer and answer any questions you may have.  If you accept the verbal offer of employment, we will then issue you with a conditional contract of employment which is subject to pre-employment checks and references before becoming unconditional (we’ll explain these in more detail at the time).

If you are not successful through the interview stage, we’ll let you know usually by email and be more than open with providing you with feedback to explain why.