Support is key to building workplace partnerships that last


Many people get bitten by the travel bug at some stage in their lives—and while quitting a job to wander the world can be exciting, it’s also a little unnerving. Fear of losing out on income and potential career growth often stops people from putting their plans into action.

Aisling Doherty took that chance when she left her customer service job in Irish Life to go travelling for eight months. “It was an amazing experience and when I came home I was welcomed back with open arms,” she shares. “Irish Life has a family feel—people look out for you and I felt something pulling me back. I knew that even though I’d been away I could still progress in my career here.”

That’s not the only time Aisling has experienced the sense of belonging that comes with working in a supportive environment. When she decided to go back to college and get her Masters in Marketing, Irish Life was more than accommodating while she balanced a part-time course with a full-time job, even supporting her career goals.


“Halfway through my Masters, a marketing coordinator role opened up within financial planning and I applied even though I hadn’t completed the degree yet,” Aisling says. “But I interviewed, they saw potential in me and that was the start of my transition from customer service into the marketing world within Irish Life.”

It’s been four years since she joined the business and today she’s a marketing and digital communications specialist, a role she never imagined she’d be in when she first started. But that culture of employee growth and development is why people stay.

“There’s so much movement within the company and so many different opportunities available to employees. You can have a really varied career here,” she says, adding, “Once you realise that, you can definitely see yourself sticking around to see what happens next.”