Why we keep communication short and simple


Good communication plays an important role in any healthy relationship. However, when it comes to the workplace, the ability to communicate clearly is essential. After all, it’s difficult to detect emotion in an email, which is why it’s so easy to misread a situation.

Irish Life is committed to communicating in plain English, both inside and outside the organisation. That means no industry jargon and no colloquial language; just simple words that everyone can understand at first glance. It’s something that Ulrike Stadler championed even before she joined Irish Life as a recruitment specialist in 2016.

“Simplicity is important because it helps ensure that everyone understands what you’re talking about—you’re all on the same page,” she says. “It’s using language simply so it’s as easy to understand as possible.”


Using anything but plain English is not an option when your workforce of 3,000 people is a mix of Irish natives and expats who have come here from all over the world. Simple, friendly, open language is vital to overcoming obstacles, be they linguistic, cultural or personal. It’s about connecting with people and, as Ulrike puts it, helps to create a more positive work environment for all.

“With clear communication, everyone knows what’s required of them, which means that employees are more engaged in their work and can better align with the organisation’s vision and values. That’s really important in a big company like Irish Life,” Ulrike says.

Another plus: it also contributes to Irish Life’s close-knit community feel, which is one of the reasons that people choose to work there for a long time. And that’s exactly what Ulrike wanted when she moved to Dublin from Austria.

“I was looking for somewhere I could develop a career long-term and where I would have development opportunities,” she says. “And Irish Life offers that. Once you know what you want and focus on that then I think you have every opportunity to grow at work.”